Our Canoes

Our Canoes ... OC6 Racing Fleet

Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club hold a blessing and naming ceremony for each canoe when we bring them into our family (Ohana)
This is both a Polynesian tradition and common in modern maritime circles too.

Munna ( Munna Point, our meeting place following the “warm-up”)
Type: Ha’Upu
Purchased: 2017

Hoe Mana (meaning “paddle power” in Hawaiian)
Type: Ha’Upuz
Purchased: 2015

Kumu  (meaning “teacher” in Hawaiian)
Type: Varua Va’a V3
Purchased: 2015

Kekoa (meaning “the warrior” or “bold and courageous” in Hawaiian)
Type: Ha’Upu
Purchased: 2013

Hanau Hou (meaning “reborn” in Hawaiian)
Type: Force 5
Purchased: 2013 (second hand from Panamuna, never named before)

Mahana (meaning “twin” in Tahitian, being a twin of Moana)
Type: Ha’Upu
Purchased: 2012

Moana (Hawaiian for “Ocean”)
Type: Ha’Upu
Purchased: 2012

Kaimana (meaning “Power of the Ocean”)
Type: Tiger ROC
Purchased: 2011

Leilani (meaning “Heavenly Flower” common in Hawaii)
Type: Tiger ROC
Purchased: 2010

Mahalo (meaning “thankyou” to the QLD Gambling Community Fund)
Type: Mirage
Purchased: 2009

Laguna (Named after our beautiful Laguna Bay)
Type: Mirage
Purchased: 2007


Force Fives have been around since the mid nineties as well.  They were made by Peter Corbishly down on the Gold Coast. these were the favoured canoe for sprint turns of quite a few steerer’s . At the time they were an good all-round preforming canoe.

Mirages came into Australia in 2002.  The first race for the Mirage in Australia was the 2003 Coca-Cola Hamilton Island Cup.  They quickly become the main canoe for Racing in Australia. 

Tiger ROC (Rarotonga Outrigger Canoes) from the Cook Islands is Australian built.  The ROC’s had been built in Rarotonga for many years but the factory has now closed down.

Kamanu Ha’upu OC6. This design started life as an evolution of the canoe that Kamanu have been using for the Pa’a Eono Hoe for a couple of years. Travis Grant has brought it to Australia and modified it slightly (mainly reduced the amout of rocker) for Australian conditions and gave it a Comet Ama and Aluminium Iakos.

Other Canoes ...

V3 VaruaVaa

OC1 Wahoo Reg. 2233

OC2 Wahoo Reg 2219

V1 Maui